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I came here, answered two questions, and now I have to disappear again.


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Anonymous asked:
I really want to join, but I feel like I'm not good enough at writing to do so.

Aw, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be great. Just give it a shot - you never know.

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Before I send in my app, could you please clarify the "describe the character in your own words thing? I really want my app to be good, I want Susanna so much ha :D

It’s basically to just write another description of the character. Kind of to rephrase and elaborate on the bio.

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Hey! This is rosies-rules (I'm just on my personal now), and I don't know if you remember me talking to you a bunch before, but I was the one who asked/reserved-ish the Kathryn Prescott (Bonnie Sparks) charrie. Just wondering if I could reserve her...?! :)

Sure can! You have twenty four hours to send in the application.

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Susanna Young | 22 | From Brisbane, Australia | FC: Freya Mavor

Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.” - Oscar Wilde

Have you ever met someone who was crazy about what they were interesting in? That’s Susanna in a nutshell. Fanatical about her beliefs and interests; she latches on to things and just won’t let them go. She talks about what she feels like talking about - most often a play or musical. A theatre geek all around, Susanna is, for lack of a better word, a fangirl. She pays attention to what others are saying, don’t be deceived, and she honestly cares about it. She tends to give off the opposite impression most of the time, though. Her single mother always tried to make her be respectful and a listener, and it’s worked - mostly. If you don’t interrupt her, and care about what she’s saying, she’ll do the same, simple as that. She tried to audition for plays and musicals in her hometown of Brisbane, but she really just doesn’t have the acting chops for it. It bothers her sometimes - it was her dream to be an actress - but now she just wants to be a teacher. Odd career change? Maybe. But for now she can spout teacher trivia, and that’s all that really matters.


Eve McKenna - Accepted!

Congratulations, Nicole! Please make the account and send it in within the next 24 hours!

OOC Information

Your name and age: Nicole & Nineteen

Timezone and activity level (be honest): PST -8:00 & A seven out of ten. It depends on how bombarded I am with schoolwork.

Where can you be contacted? (Can be a personal tumblr or email): (removed because I don’t want people spamming her)

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Follow Olivia Chadwick!

Follow Marlowe Kevins!

Follow Isabelle Joyner!

I have discovered I can’t sleep, so I’ll just go make Patrick do things.

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That’s all the characters we’re accepting/posting today! Come back to see more tomorrow. I’m really tired, so I’m going to go prep myself for bed. Yes, it’s nine, and I’m going to sleep.

Olivia Chadwick - Accepted!

Congratulations! Please send in the account within the next twenty four hours.

OOC Information:

Your name and age: Jensen, 16

Timezone and activity level (be honest): -5 GMT/Eastern and 9/10

Where can you be contacted? (Can be a personal tumblr or email): http://www.seaw0lfe.tumblr.com/

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Until I can get my application in, however may I reserve him? I'll audition after watching Once Upon A Time lol

Sure, he’s reserved for you.

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Oh that's great! I'm going to audition for him! I've literally been staring at the characters for the last 15 minutes trying to decide who to go for when I decided it might be fun to play a guy for a change!

Awesome! It’ll be really great to get more guys here, I think my character’s already a bit lonely.

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May I please reserve Sutton? This isn't the account I'll be applying on, that one is: CharlieInWonderland. Thank you!

Sure! You have twelve hours.

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